Strict rules for smart motorways

Smart motorways are designed to reduce congestion by using networks of cameras to monitor and manage traffic flow, and they are on the rise across the UK.

Closed lanes marked by a red ‘X’ are strictly off-limits and the government is now considering strict penalties for drivers who flout the rules, including fines of up to £100 and three penalty points.

A closed lane generally means there has been an accident or a broken-down vehicle blocking the road, so ignoring the red ‘X’ could be extremely dangerous.

Rising road tax

In last year’s Budget, the Chancellor announced he would hike Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) for cars, vans and motorbikes from April 1st 2019.

The increase adds an extra £5 to motorists’ road tax but drivers of cars that produce more pollution can expect an extra £15 on their tax bill and there will be up to £65 added for new cars in their first year.



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