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NE London Driving School is based and located in the heart of East London in Tower Hamlets where we provide professional driving classes and lessons to all individuals of the right age, locally. We primarily offer an all-inclusive range of driving courses to all individuals regardless of the level of experience or skills they have. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate driver, our experienced instructors at NE London Driving School will ensure to impart expert driving skills along with all the traffic, road and driving rules and regulations that hold significance value for a safe drive.

We take pride in our long-standing applied expertise that enables us to deliver great services to all our pupils. Thus, our professional commitment has empowered us to earn a long-term experience of more than 14 years in the field, further allowing us and our instructors to oblige our pupils with nothing less than the best experience with us.

All our instructors possess specialised qualifications, training and experience that motivates them to impart safe driving skills in pupils that will benefit them throughout their lives. All our instructors are licensed, ADI approved, CRB checked and are regularly assessed by the Driver Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA). Hence, our expert instructors ensure to use informative yet a friendly approach to put all the pupils at complete ease, having them drive with utmost confidence in the shortest time possible.

As important as it is to have adequate driving skills, it is equally essential to know, be aware of and understand the rules that are compulsory to follow on the roads in the UK. We at, NE London Driving School, ensure to teach all the necessary skills (basic & advance) required to drive safely on the roads of UK. Additionally, our instructors make it certain to teach all the significant traffic and driving rules to the pupils in order to ensure complete safety on road and hassle-free driving. Our profound knowledge of the country’s roads, traffic, rules, signs and drivers allow us to deliver a completely reliable driving course to our pupils.

Hence, our instructors train the learners’ through a step-by-step guide that includes awareness of various types of traffic signs, local direction signs, sharp bends, reserved lanes, use of lights (headlights, front fog & spot lights), parking or overtaking, being careful while pulling out of junctions, one-way streets and at roundabouts, correct adjustments of all belts (front/ rear seats & harnesses) and more.

Nevertheless, our aim is to teach comprehensive driving skills to pupils combined with complete awareness of the laws, giving them confidence to drive safely on busy roads. We value our learners and acknowledge their individual time priorities and distinct learning capabilities. Therefore, we provide and arrange tailored driving lessons in accordance to their own suited time, location and convenience. With a one-to-one driving lesson plan, our instructors provide the learners additional comfort by picking and dropping them at the start and end of each driving lesson at their chosen location.

Looking for something more? NE London Driving School is a one-stop solution for all your driving fundamentals. Choose and pick your own driving package that will be tailored to suit your needs at the most affordable fee. No matter what time, day, location or driving level you are seeking, we are highly equipped to deliver to your expectations.

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