All our instructors are licensed, fully qualified (ADI) DBS checked and are regularly assessed by the Driver Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA). We assure that you are in Safe hands!

For most people starting your driving lessons for the first time on the road can be a daunting task. However, with the right instructor from NE London Driving School, we assure that all learners are guided and trained through the driving process in the easiest yet most effective manner.

As a professional driving school in the UK, we offer completely tailored lessons that are customised according to individual goals. Hence, whether your aim is to pass the exam quickly or you wish to take your time and get confident being behind the wheel, our trained and qualified instructors ensure that all the lessons are personalised according to the learner’s goal. Additionally, be it an intensive driving course or a pass plus scheme, all the lessons follow the preset guidelines established by the Drivers Standards Agency.

Our instructors start off a one-on-one lesson from less busy roads where the beginner driver can start the first driving lesson with confidence and at ease, avoiding traffic and congested roads in the beginning. Thus, we offer the highest standards of safety and a detailed informative driving lesson plan that includes guiding from the very basic to perfecting the skills needed.

The step-by-step driving guide will include the following:

  • Personalised driving lesson plans.
  • Driving lessons available in both Manual & Automatic cars.
  • Availability of both Intensive Course & Pass Plus Scheme.
  • Experienced & Certified Instructors available.
  • We provide understanding and awareness of The Highway Code.
  • Lessons start with the cockpit drill; basic driving skills (car controls, safely move off and stop, clutch control and how/when to check your blind spots) & advance driving skills.
  • Awareness of types of traffic signs, local direction signs, sharp bends, reserved lanes, use of lights (headlights, front fog & spot lights), parking or overtaking, pulling out of junctions, one-way streets and roundabouts, correct adjustments of all belts (front/ rear seats & harnesses) and more.
  • Pick up & drop off from the selected location.
  • Affordable driving packages.
  • Mock/practice driving test for the learners.
  • Preparation guidance for the Theory test.
  • Feedback & progress report from the instructors.

We will bring your practical test forward. There is no need to wait 2/3 months.


Our intensive courses start from 3 days to 3 weeks. Short notice test date available

10 Hours

( 2/3 Days )


15 Hours

( 3/4 Days )


20 Hours

( 4/5 Days )


25 Hours

( 5/6 Days )


30 Hours

( 6/7 Days )


35 Hours

( 7/9 Days )


40 Hours

( 9/10 Days )