Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a practical training course for drivers that takes at least 6 hours and aims to improve or polish the driving skills in order to achieve safer driving. Our instructors are registered and approved to teach and train individuals in driving.

Our course is designed to help new drivers overcome their fear of driving and thus, are fully prepared to tackle every road/ traffic challenge or hazard. The course can be taken at any time of the year after passing the driving test. At NE London Driving School, our pupils under the Pass Plus course can benefit from the driving expertise and techniques of qualified instructors. Since, the learners under the Pass Plus Scheme already possess an approved driving licence, therefore, the new drivers (trainees) is not required to pass any formal test. However, to achieve the Pass Plus certificate from NE London, the new driver will need to reach the required standard after our instructor assess each module.

The Pass Plus Scheme is split into 6 practical modules for the drivers that covers various aspects of driving:

These modules are:

  • Town driving (urban driving &navigational/ observational skills)
  • All-weather driving (extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, ice, fog & skid control)
  • Rural road/ countryside driving
  • Night driving (use of headlamps, adjusting different light levels, handle dazzling, planning speeds & distance)
  • Driving on dual carriageways (joining/ leaving the carriageway via slip roads, overtaking, lane discipline & managing safe distances)
  • Motorway/ highway driving (safe speed in unlike conditions, handle a breakdown, correct usage of lanes & following signs)

These 6 modules under the Pass Plus Scheme are carefully devised by our certified instructors that cover every aspect of driving, giving a lot of applied information to the new drivers, allowing them to be more confident and safer on the roads.

Reach us now and avail the opportunity to be a more better & safe driver!