Intensive driving courses are short span courses that are designed to give the learner the best opportunity of passing their driving tests in the shortest amount of time that suits each learner individually, usually ranging between 10 hours to 40 hours over a period of 2/3 days to 9/10 days.

These courses are flexibly structured in one-on-one training. We provide tailored driving courses that are carefully devised by an expert instructor in order to offer our students’ a wide range of pre-designed plans that suits individual aims, budget and time availability. We also provide earlier driving tests as per the learner’s wish so you do not need to wait for 2/3 months.

We take pride in providing professional driving lessons by fully qualified and trained instructors who possess the right driving expertise in accordance and suitability of the rules and regulations with in the UK (The Highway Code, Smart motorway rules, Road and driving safety laws etc).

No matter if you are a novice or an expert foreign driver, our fully trained instructors at NE London Driving School are friendly and reliable, having a vast amount of experience in guiding the new drivers through each aspect of driving, safely and efficiently. From the very first lesson, right through to the practical driving test, we ensure to fully equip our pupils within their chosen or preferred intensive driving course package.

Our friendly and professional driving instruction courses are competitively priced into a range of different individual packages that include expert driving lessons, individually tailored driving plan, mock exams (theoretical & practical), preparation of Highway Code and regulations and applied knowledge of various driving conditions.

Due to the flexibility and practical applications, intensive driving courses have gained much popularity with time. At NE London, our Intensive Driving Course include the following benefits for the learners:

  • Driving plans designed and tailored according to the learner’s need.
  • A short scheduled driving training from novice to an expert driver.
  • Each package will cover all basic and expert driving skills (theoretical & practical).
  • Flexible and organised for busy/ hectic scheduled individuals or professionals.
  • Less time consuming and will suit every learner individually.
  • Budget-friendly course packages.
  • Committed and focused to learn the required driving essentials.
  • Learner-oriented course plan.
  • Each course plan is designed by our driving instructors.
  • All instructors are have applied experience and are DVSA certified.
  • Designated pickups and drop-offs are offered to each individual learner
  • Thorough training to drive under certain road, traffic or environmental conditions.
  • Complete total number of hours within a week or during the whole month.
  • Detailed teaching of safety rules, Highway rules and traffic/ road laws.

Reach us now to discuss your weekly/ monthly intensive driving course plan that fits according to your schedule and needs.

10 Hours

( 2/3 Days )


15 Hours

( 3/4 Days )


20 Hours

( 4/5 Days )


25 Hours

( 5/6 Days )


30 Hours

( 6/7 Days )


35 Hours

( 7/9 Days )


40 Hours

( 9/10 Days )